Brief: The Gulf Diplomatic Rift

Early on Monday of June 5th Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen (Abd Al-Hadi Mansour Government), and Libya (Government of National Accord) along with Maldives have decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and suspend land and sea travel to and from Qatar over what they claimed Qatar’s support for terrorism, including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood and its ties with Iran. Qatar was also removed from the Arab coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen. All of which comes after only 2 weeks from Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia where he urged Arab and Muslim nations to fight extremism. Two members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Kuwait and Oman, haven't joined the Saudi-led sanctions against Qatar, with Kuwait trying to mediate talks between Qatar and Saudi Arabia to ease the tension. Iran has also called for dialogue to prevent further escalation.

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