Report on the appeals on the results


Thirty-nine (39) appeals were lodged with the Courts of Appeal: the capital first district (4), capital third district (1), capital fourth district (5), capital fifth district (1), Karak (3), Balqa (3), Madaba (2), al-Zarqa first district (1), al-Zarqa second district (2), Central Badiya (8), Irbid first district (1), Irbid fourth district (1), Ajloun (2), Jarash (2) and Maan (2). Eight (8) appeals were dismissed because of procedural reasons and (30) in content and one appeal was fully discarded in one case only.
It should be noted that the statement of ICEO on the events of the central Badiya was used as one of the statements of the lawsuit filed by Hind al-Fayez, a candidate, which was dismissed in content by the Amman Court of Appeals.

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