Preliminary Analysis of The Formation of the Eighteenth Parliament


Integrity Coalition for Election Observation
Elections of the Eighteenth House of Representatives 2016
Preliminary Analysis of The Formation of the Eighteenth Parliament

Based on the preliminary results of the parliamentary election, ICEO had conducted a preliminary analysis for the formation of the eighteenth parliament using the data collected by the coalition previously; the following are the results of this analysis:
First: Analysis from Age Perspective
The average age of MP’s has reached 51 years, whereas MP Zainab Al-Zubied (Northern Badia District) who entered the Parliament based on the quota system is the youngest MP reaching 30 years old. Abdullah Al-Akaileh and Fawziah Tu’aimeh are the oldest MP in the current parliament reaching 71 years old. The number of MP’s whose age is between 30 and 39 years old 12 MP’s, and the number of MP’s between 40 and 49 years old 45 MP’s, and between 50 and 59 years old 54, and between 60 and 69 years old 15 MP’s, and 70 years old and above 4 MP’s.
Second: Analysis from Gender Perspective
The number of male MP’s have reached 110, as for the number of female MP’s it reached 20, of which 5 women are outside of the quota system, these women are:
1- Fedyeh Abu Qadourah, Balqa district, Etihad List
2- Randa Al-Sha’ar, Karak district, Al-Wafa Lil-Aghwar List
3- Sabah Al-Sha’ar, Karak district, Al-Shams List
4- Huda Al-Otoum, Jarash district, Al-Islah List
5- Safa’ Al-Momani, Ajloun district, Al-Wefaq List
Women who were elected through seats allocated for women (Quota System):
1- Dima Tahboub, Amman district, Al-Islah List
2- Intisar Hijazi, Irbid district, Houran Al-Khair
3- Haya Mufleh, Balqa district, Al-Tajdeed List
4- Ibtisam Al-Nawafleh, Ma’an district, Petra List
5- Hayat Al-Msemi, Zarqa district, Al-Islah List
6- Reem Abu Dalbouh, Mafraq district, Al-Soqour List
7- Ansaf Al-Khawaldeh, Tafileh district, Al-Adaleh List
8- Maram Al-Hesah, Madaba district, Al-Ahd List
9- Wafa’ Bani Mustafa, Jarash district, Al-Asaleh List
10- Muntaha Al-B’oul, Ajlioun district, Al-Amal List
11- Alya Abu Hlayel, Aqaba district, Aqaba List
12- Zainab Al-Zubied, Northern Badia district, Raa’d Al-Shamal
13- Shaha Abu Shousheh, Southern Badia district, Al-Wafa’ List
14- Rasmyeh Al-Ka’abneh, Central Badia district, Al-Karameh List
Third: Analysis in Terms of Political Affiliation
215 candidates affiliated with 50 political parties participated in the elections, of which 22 MP’s affiliated with seven different parties made to the House of Representatives. The Islamic Action Front party came in first with 8 MP’s, followed by the National Current Party with 4 MP’s, National Convention Party (Zamzam) and the Islamic Wasat Party with 3 MP’s for each, the Justice and Reform party with 2 MP’s, National Unity party and Al-Awn Party with 1 MP each.
Based on the above, the percentage of political parties representation in the HOP reached 17%, which is the same percentage of the partisan candidates’ who participated in the elections, the percentage of the representatives of the Islamist parties to the representative of the political parties in the parliament reached 73%, the percentage of the representatives of the centrist parties to the representatives of the parties in the parliament reached 27% and there is no representation of the nationalist and leftist parties

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