A Statement on violations in the Central Badia district


The Integrity Coalition for Election Observation followed-up on the on-going controversy associated with the events that took place in the Central Badia district and given its commitment to the principle of transparency and credibility, we hereby pronounce for all concerned persons our most important observations on violations related to ballot boxes as documented by our observers:
• Boxes nos. 107 and 108 in the al-Rajm al-Shami School for Girls were smashed and their ballot papers were thrown in the street.
• The head of the Committee and its members were attacked and papers and seals were stolen in the Arinba Center (box No. 49) and marked ballot papers were put in the box. Security forces came to the site and closed it in all sides. All those who were present were taken out to the school campus and observers were not allowed to enter to rooms where the boxes are put. Ballot paper books were not counted and the head of the committee did not allow observers to see them under the pretext that the regulations do not allow it and observers present inside the center were harassed.
• Ballot papers were not counted at the start of the balloting in the Um al-Rassas Center in the morning under the pretext that these papers were counted in the previous day and thus we do not have any information about the number of papers in this center.
• Security forces were heavily present in front of the Thahiba al-Sharqiya School for Girls (boxes nos. 92 and 91). The counting was smoothly done, but in the final minutes of box no. 91 the votes for the lists' candidates were not registered and the committee only registered the votes won by the list.
• There was an error in the counting mechanism in the Ibn Tolon School in al-Zarqa (the Bedouin of the Center boxes) and the committee recounted the papers after receiving the remarks of the Integrity Coalition.
• By mistake, there were 30 books of the Bedouin of the South in the Dabaa School for Girls (box 121), but we confirm that none of these papers were put in the box.
• In the Mughayer Muhana School (box 27), the head of balloting and counting was calling voters inside the center to vote for candidate (KH. H) and there was public voting for this candidate. In addition, the agents of the candidate were allowed to see the ballot papers of voters.
• In the al-Areen School for Girls, there was an attack on the boxes and security forces did not interfere, but the boxes were not damages.
• Agents of candidates were not allowed to attend the compilation of results in the al-Isra University and some boxes arrived to the compilation center at 7:00 a.m., but we couldn't know from which centers these boxes came.

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