Elections Day: closing of polling stations


Polling stations (those covered by extension and those that are not) were closed on the specified time amid tensed atmosphere in a number of constituencies as a result of incidents of violence by supporters of some candidates. Violence was observed in the Central Badia district, especially in the Batma and Rajm al-Shami centers which resulted in damaging 2 ballot boxes. Security forces heavily interfered to control the sites and protect the remaining boxes from damage. In addition, two attacks were observed on the centers for the collection of results in Madaba district during which machine guns were used and led to the injury of one of the gendarmerie.
In most of the centers, heads of committees did not allow observers, and in some cases the agents of candidates, to register the results which were hanged on the doors of the polling rooms. In addition, the counting process in the polling rooms lasted until the early morning hours and this has led to a late start in the compilation of results at the level of districts. With the exception of Aqaba, Jarash, Tafileh, Maan and Irbid third district, the compilation in other district continued until the issuing of this statement.
In some of the counting centers there were protests by candidates on numbers counted, especially in Madaba and Amman fifth district. Candidates in this district (Amman fifth district) left the hall vowing to file complaints with the Prosecutor under the pretext of “manipulation of results.” In the Central Badia district, a state of chaos prevailed when a rumor spread on the possibility of repolling as a result of the presence of missing boxes and investigation are still going on to find out the circumstances of this incident.
Candidates and their supporters circulated results, which they considered as official, although the IEC has not, until the issuing of this statement, issued any formal announcement on the results. And as we have indicated above, the compilation process is still going on in most of the counting centers and the results haven’t yet been sent to the concerned committee until this moment.
The Integrity Coalition is analyzing a sample of the results it had collected from its observers in the PVT process to see the extend it matches the results to be announced by the IEC.

The Elections Observation project is funded by the European Union

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