Elections Day: Balloting Report until 1:00 pm


Based on a sample representing 60% of the ballot boxes in all polling stations, the percentage of voters had reached 12% by 01:00 pm, increasing from 8% at 11:00 am.
So far, and in general no violations that can be seen as influencing the voting process has been recorded and all the recorded incidents does not influence the will of the voters or the process.
All screens and electronic links are working very well in all centers, except for minor issues with screens in some polling stations and they were all fixed.
In the fourth district of Amman, at the Ma’moura school ballot box No. 284, one the IEOC observer’s was expelled on the grounds that the badge was forged, although the badge is valid and issued by the IEC, and the incident was communicated to the IEC. A number of heads of committees still refuse to cooperate with the observers, namely the head of Um Al-Osood polling station in Amman fifth district, who refused to oblige with the IEC’s instructions and did not allow IEOC observers to enter the polling station. In Irbid third district, at Omar Al-Lafi school, a government vehicle (Plate No. 5-10564) was used to transport voters of one of the candidates.
An incidence of shooting using an automatic weapon was recorded in front of Madaba secondary school for boys. The incident was directly communicated to the IEC by ICEO observers, which resulted in taking immediate action and arresting the shooter. This incidence was the result of a fight between the supporters of two candidates’, Adnan Rukiebat and Mohammed Abu Slaih.
Another shooting incidence was recorded in Tafileh in front of Fatima Al-Zahra school between supporters of two candidates from the same list (Al-Zaytoneh list). The issue was later on resolved in a friendly manner through security and some tribal leaders.
In Al-Fuqaha school, Amman fifth district, ballot box No. 300, a fight between candidate Barakat Al-Fuqaha’ and the head of the committee Ibraheem Al-Jbour took place, because the candidate claimed that the head of the committee is instructing illiterate voters to cast their votes for certain candidates.
Public ballot cases were recorded in the boxes (34, 35, 36 and 37) at the Abu Ayyub al-Ansari School in Aqaba. Other public voting incidents were recorded in Ma'an in the boxes (48) at Hasseya vocational school and (18) at the Ma’an vocational school for girls and the Dahyah school for girls. Noting that there was agreement between a number of delegates and voters at Maan girls school that the vote will be public. Public votes were also recorded in Box No. 147 at the Wadi Al Seir Al Sharqi School in Jerash. Public ballot cases were also recorded in Box No. 144 at the Um Al-Naam School in Mafraq.
In Box No. (120) in Hayyan Al-Ruwaibid Secondary School in Al-Mafraq District, voting was done using the health insurance card as a personal proof. Also in Mafraq district, in the Rabea’ Bint Al-Mowath school, ballot box No. 96 voters casted their votes using the family book. One attempt of a person trying to cast a ballot using another person’s ID in ballot box No. 72 was recorded at the Amouryah in Tafielh.

The polling in Al-Rajeh school in the Southern Badia district was halted at the request of security because of a riot in front of the polling station. Polling was also halted in the Fuqaha’ School for girls in Amman fifth district in ballot box No. 299 by the head of the committee due to chaos. Polling was also halted in ballot box No. 7 at Al-Kafir Secondary School for Boys in Jerash because of a breakfast break for the committee. Polling was also stopped in Box No. 78 at Al-Ba’ej School in the Central Badia District due to the continued public voting.
ICEO observers recorded incidents of taking pictures of the ballot papers by the voters in some polling stations in Ma'an and in Irbid third district.
Most of the centers are equipped for people with disabilities, with the exception of eight centers in Ma'an and two centers in Mafraq that are classified as unsuitable for the reception of persons with disabilities
In Karak at Al-Manshiyya Elementary Mixed School, the head of the polling station cursed a journalist and expelled him for asking about voter turnout.
The head of the polling committee at box No. 127 at the Kofr Al-Maa’ Secondary School for Girls in Irbid fourth district escorts the voters and tries to influence their decision, especially the elderly, until he is reprimanded by an elderly woman after he has marked a list other than the one the she wanted to vote for.
Security personnel are in the polling stations and in the corridors, and a number of them are standing at the doors of the polling rooms.

The Elections Observation project is funded by the European Unions

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