Gender Auditing of Municipalities in Jordan

Gender equality is one of the key elements for sustainable development in democratic societies. Jordanian politics remains largely a male-dominated enterprise, but the latest municipal elections in Jordan in August 2013 represented a major stride for women’s political participation in the kingdom. Women candidates won 345 of the 961 seats in municipals councils, i.e. 36% of those seats, an increase of over 28% from the 2007 elections. 51 of the 345 were elected outside of the quota system.

This project seeks to enhance gender sensitiveness in the making of public policies. To review the progress made on gender issues and gender mainstreaming, Identity Center will pilot gender auditing on the municipal level, implementing a comprehensive gender audit of four selected municipalities. Each of the audits will be conducted by a team of two certified Gender Auditors. The project is supported by the GIZ.