List of Issues submitted to the CRPD

List of Issues submitted to the CRPD Committee

This publication presents the List of Issues jointly prepared by the Identity Center, the Information and Research Center of the King Hussein Foundation and I Am a Human Society for Rights of Disabled People in cooperation with several DPOs and service providers in Jordan.
In 2007, Jordan signed on to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which entered into force in 2008. Signing on to the CRPD, the government of Jordan has committed itself to regular reporting to the CRPD Committee on the status of the rights of persons with disabilities in Jordan. Reporting to the CRPD is structured in a cycle consisting of four steps:
• The state party submits its report to the CRPD Committee.
• The CRPD Committee may choose to adopt a “List of Issues”.
• The state replies to the list of issues, and the two parties convene in a “constructive dialogue”.
• The CRPD Committee adopts its concluding remarks.

On 5 September this year, Jordan and the CRPD committee convene to discuss Jordan’s first state party report. In the meeting, the CRPD committee will adopt its List of Issues, which is a list with questions and remarks about the report submitted by Jordan. The List of Issues critically benchmarks the State Party report against all articles of the convention.
Identity Center, the King Hussein Foundation and I Am Human have presented their own, independent List of Issues to the CRPD Committee. The objective is to ensure that the information that the Committee receives is not limited to the information provided by the government of Jordan.

Project: Shadow Reporting to the CRPD.
In partnership with: IM, Individuell Människohjälp, Swedish Development Partner

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