Position Paper - Electoral Law 2016

Jordan’s coming parliamentary elections, to be held on 20 September 2016, will be governed by a new electoral law that presents a number of crucial changes to previous ones. Amongst others, the Single-Non Transferrable Vote (SNTV) system is replaced with a system in which voters get to cast as many votes as there are seats in their district, and the number of electoral districts is reduced from 45 to 23.
In the run-up to this year's parliamentary elections, this position paper reflects on the democratic potential of this new election law. Analyzing its different articles and components, it is argued that while presenting an important institutional shift in Jordan's reform process, a number of aspects both internal and external to the law limit its ability to effectuate fundamental changes to Jordan's parliamentary performance on the short term.

Research Team:
Paul Esber - Visiting Scholar
Mohammed Hussainy - Director