Press Release issued by the Integrity Coalition for Election Observation Re: The Final Results


Press Release issued by the Integrity Coalition for Election Observation
Re: The Final Results

The Integrity Coalition confirms that it was not invited, whether officially or otherwise, to attend the verification process of the national and local districts’ results which took place in the Independent Election Commission headquarters on Sunday the 27th of January 2013. The Integrity management only discovered this process by chance. An observer of the Integrity Coalition went afterwards to attend the verification process to find that the majority of the verification work was already completed and therefore the Integrity Coalition observer did not witness the verification process from the beginning. The Coalition observer noted that the verification process was being carried out by twenty teams, each made up of two members. This number of teams requires no less than twenty observers to monitor the process. However, no local observers were present, from Integrity Coalition or otherwise.
Furthermore, the Coalition expresses its concern as to the adopted verification method of the manually prepared paper records of the polling station verified against the electronic records. The electronic records were amended to comply with the manually prepared paper polling station records. As a result, this method affected the results of the collection records on a district level, especially because these records were used in revising the voting numbers of the national lists on Saturday the 26th of January 2013.

The Coalition also notes that the performance of the committees with regards to the directorates and the polling stations was unimpressive. Errors affecting the final results of the election were found, an issue previously highlighted by the Coalition and other supervising groups. This issue raises many questions as to the overall election process.

The Coalition confirms the fact that it did not review all the records, supervise the complete verification process and nor attend the amendment process that took place on Sunday and on which the results was based. The Coalition therefore, advises that the safest approach would be to recount the votes for each polling station in which the paper based records were not identical to the electronic ones in addition to those that were not identical to the collection records on a directorate level, provided that such recount is carried out in the presence of the local and international observation groups and the candidates’ representatives.

We furthermore highlight the following information recently received from our observes:
• In polling station no. 223 in Fatima Al Zahra’ School for Girls in Irbid 1st district extra unsigned and unstamped polling papers were found which resulted in having more polling papers that than the total number of voters. These polling papers were voided and the source of these papers remains anonymous.
• In Al Husson High School for Girls in Irbid, 2nd district, polling station no. 44, our observers noticed that local district polling papers were found in the national polling station while national polling papers were found in local district polling station. The head of committee unjustifiably asked the Integrity observers to leave and upon their return they found that the situation was corrected which means that the polling stations were opened and re-closed in the absence of our observers.
• In Anabah elementary school, polling station no. 35 in Irbid 3rd district, some national district polling papers were marked with more than one national list selection, the first selected list was counted, even though the instructions provide that in this case the counting of the polling paper should be cancelled.

The Coalition is highly concerned about finding the number of errors and violations committed by the committees in the counting, supervising and collection processes. To ensure the integrity of the election process we therefore advise to carry out the recounting process in all polling stations, to ensure accuracy even if this results in delaying the announcement of the results.