Former Projects

Jordan Reform Watch

Jordan Reform Watch was a particularly successful project that ran in 2012-2013. It focused on monitoring all aspects of political and socioeconomic reform in Jordan and published several ground-breaking reports and policy recommendations, many of which were later adopted by parliament. As a result of the project's success, Identity Center was invited by the UNDP to present and discuss the project at a regional conference in Cairo. More information can be found online at:

Radio Talk Shows on National Dialogue and Reforms

The goal of this project was to encourage and enhance dialogue, focusing on the issues of the political and socio-economic reform process, and opportunities for vulnerable groups to express their needs and opinions by hosting them on the show and tackling controversial issues that were important to them. Guests have included members of parliament, ministers, officials, representatives of political parties, media actors, representatives of civil society organisations, academics, experts and young political activists.

If They Are in Power

Armed with one overriding question “what will you do if you are in power?”, this project saw Identity Center ask key political parties in Jordan for clear and detailed information regarding their political, social and economic programs. This project gave each political party the opportunity to answer questions on internal and external politics, socio-economical polices, governing the country and other controversial issues that are being discussed in Jordanian society.

Middle East Expedition

In 2010 and 2011 a bus filled with creative people rolled through Jordan, Syria and Lebanon to discuss social engagement with a new and innovative approach. With each stop in a variety of cities, participants developed their projects with the help of local communities.

Toward a Democratic Political Parties System in Iraq

The aim of this project was to provide Iraqi decision makers with a comprehensive analysis of the political and legal environment of political entities in Iraq. The project involved creating a map of the main political entities in Iraq, assessing the current legal situation of political parties, and participatory research within local communities to ascertain attitudes towards the election and the needs of constituents.