About Us

Identity Center is an independent civil society organisation working to encourage development across the Middle East. Founded in 2009 in Amman, Jordan, the Identity Center focuses strongly on domestic Jordanian politics, but is increasingly expanding its operations across the greater Middle East. Projects have thus far been undertaken in Morocco, Sudan, and Iraq. In 2014 an additional office also opened in Baghdad to support our in-country projects in Iraq.

The Identity Center operates in the space between the government and the people. It is not affiliated with any political party, movement or ideology, but rather the Center aims to increase political capacity and to enhance relationships between governments and civic society.

The Identity Center uses a variety of approaches in its operations. On a grassroots level, the Identity Center trains individuals in leadership and monitoring. At the same time, it works alongside political parties to encourage dialogue and develop party platforms. Finally, the Identity Center produces research and policy papers to encourage the government to evaluate its policies and consider alternative approaches.


The Identity Center works toward a world where people are empowered to shape and control their identities and destinies.


The Center empowers people to fully participate in political, economic, and social development through outreach, advocacy, and training.


Transparency, collaboration, free flow of ideas and information, learning from other cultures, gender equality, improved accountability and social justice.

Fields of Work:

The Center works in the following fields:

  • Local democracy and decentralisation
  • Democracy and participation
  • Political and socio-economic development
  • Youth
  • Parliamentary affairs.
  • Civil and political rights
  • Social and economic rights

Identity Center uses the following tools to complete its mission:

  • Research
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Consultation
  • Media and social media
  • Conferences and workshops