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The Identity Center is an independent civil society organisation helping to lead development across the Middle East. Identity Center works to empower people to participate in political, economic and social development and ultimately, shape and control their identities and destinies.


The Beyond Quota project has launched a new video that explains the results of the year 2013 Elections and highlights some of the success stories of Jordanian women in politics. https://vimeo.com/...
Yesterday Identity Center launched its new policy paper: "Securing Inclusive Education Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities: Cost-Effective Steps for Addressing Gaps Between Legislation and...
Last weekend Identity Center concluded its training sessions to prepare future trainers to form and train youth groups to undertake social justice projects across Jordan.
This past weekend, Identity Center held its third workshop for the Beyond Quota project in Irbid. At the workshop Identity Center recognized the political and social work of female municipal...
Find out about Beyond Quota and female participation in Jordanian politics in "Standing for Seats" in the latest issue of VivMag! Click through for a full pdf of the article.

Identity Center Mission

"Despite the diversity of beliefs and races, still, there are common areas that form the basis of what we might call the 'human Identity,' and we must protect and develop this identity"
Mohammed Hussainy